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Rolling Thunder® Charities Inc.

Dear Supporters,

Rolling Thunder® Charities Inc. was created in 2007 to start a fund from which we could address the needs of our members, our troops and their families who have fallen between the cracks and not gotten the help they deserve. Often, our returning troops are receiving good medical care and support. However, too many times “the system” fails to meet their critical needs for one reason or another.

Our national organization with all of our local chapters work tirelessly to keep awareness at a high level, address problems as they arise, and advance the cause with legislative efforts and responses from the VA to meet their needs. Regrettably, sometimes we’re simply unable to meet the needs of many because of bureaucratic delay or systemic shortcomings.

That’s where Rolling Thunder® Charities comes in. Rolling Thunder® Charities Inc. is a tax exempt corporation under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS. We are there to help when all else fails. You can learn more about Rolling Thunder® Charities from our brochure or by contacting your local officers.

We need your help in raising funds for Rolling Thunder® Charities so we can help more of those in need and more of our brothers and sisters, our troops and their families in need.

You help us.
We help Others.


We’ll be informing you more about the developments and results achieved through Rolling Thunder® Charities. Thank you, in advance, for your continued support.


Gary Robinson



Click Here to read a Brochure on Rolling Thunder® Charities Inc.




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