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Operation Truth POW/MIA

WWII Pilot and Father JOSEPH MILLINER shares his heartbreaking life-journey to free his beloved Viet Nam War Pilot and Son William Patrick Milliner - Billy.

[Date of loss: 3-6-71 over Laos, Category 1 status in 1973, MIA, AH1G Cobra Pilot]

A fearless fighter for truth and a wonderful human being proves how evil the powers behind government are and what they have done to decent Americans who believed in their country. The thought of our men STILL sitting in bamboo cages, far from home, without hope, abandoned by our government, is intolerable, despicable and more than a national shame.

Help re-ignite a firestorm of outrage and national passion for the ***living men who still wait for us to bring them home, and that Joseph Milliner can watch unobtrusively from a corner when they again set foot on hallowed ground.

*** Nearly 600 Americans were lost in Laos during the Vietnam War. The Pathet Lao stated many times that they held "tens of tens" of American prisoners. Laos was not included in negotiations ending US involvement in the war. The US has never negotiated for the freedom of these men.

The Angel and the Eagle By Joseph E. Milliner
Joe tells of his disgust with the government agencies. He tells how his family and him were lied to by the agencies DIA, CIA, DOD, DPMO, JCRC and much more. Joe tells about the Cover Up and the mind to debunk - harassment. The many documents that eventually Proved his son to be Alive. The many people who tried to Rescue his son from his captures. This book contains government documents, some marked Secret as to what happened to William Patrick Milliner - Billy. Read and know the Truth about your government. Read this True Story as Joe lays it on the line. This story grabs your heart while it jerks your anger almost to explosion. As you read and see government documents that are plain and clear enough for any 2 year old to see the cover-up. Read and know the Truth as Joe lays it on the line.
Please visit and support: http://www.amerak.com/angel_eagle.htm

Supporting documents of Interest:
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* Item 2

PLEASE CONTACT YOUR REPRESENTATIVE TO SUPPORT H. Res. 111 - To Establish a Select Committee for POW and MIA Issues. To contact your lawmakers CLICK HERE!

The Lord says: Don't cry any longer, for I have heard your prayers and you will see them again; they will come back to you from the distant land of the enemy. There is hope for your future says the Lord and your children will come again to their own land. Jeremiah 31:16-17

To all families of POW-MIA and to our POW-MIA's: "You Are Not Forgotten" and Never will be.

Listen to the Joe Milliner interview on 25 Nov 2009 Click Here or right click and save target as to download to your computer. Note this is a large file, 80 MB and the interview is about 1 hr 26 min




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